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So…yes, it’s been a while.  Seriously had the best intentions of posting at least once a week.  Especially after I read this post http://bryanallain.com/archives/2010/11/05/10-tips-for-beginning-bloggers/

Anyhow, in the past month we had all of our usual activities going on…then we piled on cooking our first big Thanksgiving meal.  It was really fun having everyone to our house and hope to start some new traditions!  Then I had also signed up to decorate a table for A Willowdale Christmas, which is a women’s event at our church, for three nights in a row!  What was I thinking?  Thankfully someone offered to take one of the nights, so I was able to just do my “normal” Monday night which is the night we do Celebrate Recovery.  Follow this with a few days of me feeling sick, a MOPS meeting, an afternoon of Christmas shopping, a morning of kid puke, and a weekend of trying to get healthy.  Finally, Monday night we visited Longwood Gardens which was a nice end to some of the crazy we have had going on.  It was 19 degrees that night…couldn’t feel my legs with TWO pairs of pants on!  Yikes!

See my pretty table?  Thanks to my friend Tamara for letting me borrow her lovely china, etc…

So, what’s next?  Well, on the upcoming weekend I would REALLY like to try to finish Christmas shopping so I can have everything wrapped BEFORE Christmas Eve at midnight!  I would not like a repeat of last year!  Other than that…attempt number 362 to get the house cleaned before Christmas…wait, I am just going to go with get the house presentable.  Then I won’t feel so disappointed when it doesn’t happen!  Then…wait for it…I have off the week between Christmas and New Years!  Totally unpaid…but I am very much looking forward to the time to catch up with friends and family and MAYBE get the house clean enough to feel like I am starting 2011 off right!  It’s like if I get ahead just enough maybe I can scramble to keep up in the new year!  In the upcoming year I am thinking I will not sign up for anything new.  Even though one of my friends is leading Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and I really want to do it, I think I am just going to say no to myself.  Maybe next time…


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