Gabriel was patiently waiting for his turn to go sit on the giant pumpkin!

What are you waiting for?  I can rattle off a long list of things that I am waiting for, waiting to start doing, waiting to stop doing, waiting for someone else to do.  The question at hand is, should we wait patiently for the timing of the Lord or do we take action?  Our human nature, with major influence from society, tells us we are never supposed to take no for an answer.  We are supposed to go out and do whatever it takes to get whatever we want.  Right?  Wrong…I think.  I mean, isn’t this what I’ve been doing all along?  Where has it left me?  Stressed, overweight and tired. 

Our current teaching series at church is called “Pause.”  Instead of keeping up with secular society, we are being asked to hit the pause button and rethink some of our commitments.  This is intriguing and scary to me all at the same time.  I am wrapped up in fear that I might miss something (kind of like how Gabriel tries to stay awake as long as he possibly can each night), or that I might give up something I really love and feel sad without it.  Or even worse, what if I just end up being really lazy because I am supposed to be pausing?  With an emphasis on observing the sabbath, in this series we are really being asked to pause and consider what is really necesarry in our lives.

This comes at a tough time for me.  Here’s the situation.  I have to work, and work just happens to be an hour drive each way.  I am involved in the Alpha course at church (awesome by the way).  I am on the leadership team for Celebrate Recovery at our church (also awesome).  And I am currently co-leading a women’s small group at church (also in the category of awesome).  Then on the rest of the days I try to fit in family time, one on one time with Gabriel, cleaning my house (sort of), time with extended family and friends.  So there you go, very little time to pause, even less time to consider.  My next dilemma.  On top of being away from home 10 hours a day during the week, I want to fit in exercise.  Want isn’t the right word here, need to fit in exercise.  Then, there’s the elusive “time with my husband.”  Seriously, why is one of my most important relationships being neglected?

So, in the midst of this pausing, I am hoping to find some time to slow down and be with my husband and some time to be active to bring my body back to a better state of health.  I don’t want to wait to have time with my husband anymore.  I don’t want to wait to start exercising anymore.  The toughest part is figuring out what to cut back on!!  I would love it if you all would comment and give some tips on what you do to carve out time for your husbands and exercise throughout the week.  Thanks so much!


Well, it’s  been about eight months since the actual occurance of the above mentioned title, but I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while.   It was a cool day in February and this is how it goes.  Sickness in the house is never good.  Surprise sickness when you’ve already gotten up, showered and are dressed for work is even worse!  It was a Thursday.  I got up and worked through my morning routine.  Gabriel hadn’t made a sound, which was great because I was able to prepare myself without interruption.  What a great morning.  The sun was shining.   It’s even possible that I was having a great hair day.  I walked into his room to wake him.  There was a slight odor of peanut butter in the air.  It made me smile, thinking of Gabriel enjoying his peanut butter sandwich for dinner last night.  He loves peanut butter.  Next I climbed into his bed with him, and that was when things took a turn for the worse…

My hand.  Puddle.  Peanut Butter Puke.  I’m not sure if I screamed, but I think I might have.  What I do know is  that whatever writhing around I did after trying to get out of the puke puddle didn’t wake Gabriel.  Ordinarily I don’t think that I would let him sleep in puke, but he didn’t budge when I tried to wake him.  He looked so warm and cozy under his blankets that I smiled over his peaceful body and decided to let him sleep, because who knows what the day would bring.   I was beginning to feel nauseous and a little funny myself, power of suggestion…Well, that day turned out to be pretty good.  There was no more vomiting and we just got to enjoy a slow, relaxing day together.  

As a full time working mom I rarely get to just spend a day relaxing with my son, now 4 1/2.  Days like this one I just described are some of my only chances to slow down and just enjoy being with him and doing nothing else!  One of my goals in life is just to be home more.  I don’t know what that means, but I feel God calling me to do so.  I haven’t figured out how I am going to make it happen, but I am.  I hope that you’ll follow me on my journey of motherhood, marriage and every day life!  Starting today, I am up for round two of puke awakening.  About an hour ago, Gabriel crawled into bed with my husband and I.  He looked so sweet and snuggled up in between us.  I was pretty groggy at 1:15 AM, so I figured I would let him stay until he fell asleep again.  That was when the gurgling sound came.  Puke.  On my bed, in my hair, under my husband’s arm.  Yuck.  After going on a mission to get everyone cleaned up and back to bed I went to Gabriel’s bed.  Major puke mess.  Went back to check on him on the couch and realized that the sweet little guy had gone and changed his own pajamas before coming into our bed.  One word to describe this,  Joy.  Gabriel is a really great kid and I have to slow down and find joy even in the most unexpected places.